So there will be a map here shortly. Welcome to the West Nile V part page.

When it comes to the west nile, bringing inscent repellent and wearing sensible shoes, and long pants is a must

If a cop asks politely lie to them, say you are scouting for a student movie, or that you are looking for a giant metal bean but are lost.

You can come down one of two ways.

The first way: Mosey down Wells, until you're under the Roosevelt bridge.

It is very important you mosey down Wells in a very inconspicous manner. Don't be the dumbass who gets the thing broken up cause you have to carry your case of Coors Lite out in the open!

Either jump or walk through the bridge (depending on whether the gate is open or not)

Walk down the path a ways (equivalent of a few blocks)

It's concrete for a while, then it's dirt take the dirt track to the right, and then you're basically there.

The second way is more convenient to people who are crazy. Enter at Wentworth and 18th, cross the ball field going down the first base line until you get to a fence, with a gate that has a hole in it.

Squeeze your beautiful body through that hole, and cross the railroad tracks.

If a train is coming WAIT FOR IT TO PASS. Don't tbe jerk who ruins everyone's party cause you have to get sliced in half an enormous wheel. You can count the cars instead then tell us you had to wait for a freight train with 84 cars, and you'll be happy you have a wholesome story to tell kids. So onto the good times.

Follow the 18th street bridge west (towards the river) until you hit a pile of colorful rocks. At about that point turn north onto a dirt trail.

Go up north on this trail for the equivalent of a few blocks until you pass under a rail brige

watch for puddles around here!

After you cross under the bridge turn to your left, do you see that ridge?

If yes, you climb up it. (if no you're blind)

When you reach the crest you'll be able to see basically where the party is it's not advisable to go dircetly over the cliff.

Instead follow the dirt road you're standing north.

follow it some more, until you're about even with the Amtrak building.

then you'll be heading east, then cut left and you'll basically be there!

We love you, be safe!