Express Trains to O'Hare!

Skipping seven out of fifteen intermediate stops from downtown would probably save fifteen minutes, in other words you could get downtown to O'Hare in way under half an hour.

Not only would this be really convenient for Chicagoans, it would make a great first impression for visitors, and be an awesome lure to get people out of their cars or cabs and give the CTA a shot. Imagine what drivers stuck on the Kennedy would think when they saw an express train zip by them at sixty miles an hour.
After a stop at Jefferson Pk. The Blue Line Express and the new "Turquoise Line" would streak non-stop to O'Hare. The three stations they bypass would still get regular Blue Line service.
A subway under Milwaukee would have stops at Belmont, Irving and Montrose.

The old Kimball/ Kennedy routing would be used for the express trains